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New Egg
Tiger Direct
1800 Flowers

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Mission Accomplished

Thank you to all of our customers!

It started with one goal; how can we get large retailers online to accept bitcoin one day. We figured the only way to convince these companies was to prove to them that there are customers who want to buy the same products they sell with bitcoin.

So we created a large electronics online store matching the same prices and selection as Amazon. We immediately started to see orders flowing in right after launch, and it only continued to grow. Our numbers were good enough to get distributors talking about the success of our sales and suggested to other large retailers to test bitcoin with their websites. Sure enough, bitcoin was loved, and was finally adopted by large companies like Overstock.com, Expedia, NewEgg, and many more.


How do I use Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are a new type of money that lets each individual user have %100 complete control over their own funds. You can then send and receive any amount of money with anyone else, anywhere in the world, without requiring permission from a bank or government. If you are not using a wallet in which you hold your own bitcoins, you don’t actually have any bitcoins. You only have a promise from that company that they will return your bitcoins when instructed to do so. That’s why the team at Bitcoinstore recommends using Blockchain. With a Blockchain wallet, not even the FBI or NSA can seize your account if you keep your password secret. That is why Blockchain is the world's largest bitcoin wallet provider, offering free and secure web-based wallets that can be easily setup.


Accept bitcoin at your business

Using BitPay enables merchants to easily accept bitcoins for payment just like with Visa, Mastercard, Paypal or cash. Merchants can choose what percentage of revenues are kept in bitcoins or converted to a fiat currency and direct deposited daily into their bank account.


Easiest way to buy Bitcoin

Coinbase is the fastest, easiest, and simplest way to buy bitcoin. Hook up your bank account to start buying and selling bitcoin in minutes. It’s that easy.